Message from the Rector

I want to see Thammasat function as a learning community. An active community of professors, academics, researchers and students who share common passions, values or beliefs and are actively engaged in learning together and from each other. The breadth and depth of a Thammasat education should be able to equip those who seek knowledge with the capacity to sustain themselves and to help develop the nation. I want to see Thammasat University as a leading educational institution that is open to everyone. Thammasat must play an important role in leading society. In order to achieve such a goal, the university has to produce graduates with both intelligence and integrity. Thammasat graduates must have the courage to stand up for what is right--not to hide from problems and conflicts. This dream will be realized only when all of the Thammasat faculty and staff are happy and feel encouraged to develop themselves to their full potential.

Professor Dr. Somkit Lertpaithoon
Rector, Thammasat University


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